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The Fractured: Maggie: A Blemished Novella (Blemished Series) by Sarah Dalton

17 Août 2016 , Rédigé par Anthony Cherrier Publié dans #ados adultes, #Science Fiction, #technologie

The Fractured: Maggie: A Blemished Novella (Blemished Series) by Sarah Dalton

Résumé :

In a fractured Britain, the Genetic Enhancement Ministry have taken control. Parents buy designer babies and those with genetic faults are labelled Blemished and shunned from society.

Margaret Murgatroyd failed in her mission to capture three Blemished escapees. She fears the Ministry will demote her to full-time teacher and remove her Ministry rights. But Margaret is surprised as she’s given a new opportunity with new responsibilities, the only problem are old memories it brings up. Margaret remembers herself as a young girl, Maggie Powell, and the mistakes she made as a young lab technician working at the Genetic Enhancement Ministry as it first embarked on its take-over of Britain. She remembers the mistakes she made, the people who betrayed her and the way it shaped her as a woman.

The Fractured is the first part of a spin off series based on The Blemished, which will focus on some of the secondary characters and their stories. Part two follows the life of Margaret as she remembers the heartbreaking events of her past.

Mon avis :

J'ai adoré cette deuxième partie L'auteure nous raconte ce qui s'est passé dans la vie de Margaret dis Maggie Powell et elle nous entraîne dans l'univers des Blemished avec brio. A la fin de cette nouvelle, elle va se retrouvé dans une situation ou elle va devoir faire un choix.

My mind :

I'm very enjoy this novella, the author told us what happened Margaret's life past say Magie Powell and she talks about Blemished with brio. At the end of this novella Maggie gonna find in a situation where she needs to make a choice.

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